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  1. Climate Prediction ECIU Report: 41 extreme event studies in 2 years show climate chan

    A new report by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) presents the findings of their analysis of all research papers published since the Paris summit two years ago on the attribution of...
  2. Climate Prediction Cold snap in North America – World Weather Attribution analysis

    Over recent years (2014, 2016 and now), there have been a number of extreme cold events in North America, although in different regions and of different durations. Low temperatures have been observed...
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    PrimeGrid GFN-262144 Mega Prime!

    On 10 January 2018, 12:26:12 UTC, PrimeGrid’s Generalized Fermat Prime Search found the Generalized Fermat mega prime:3853792^262144+1 The prime is 1,726,452 digits long and enters Chris Caldwell's...
  4. Climate Prediction Dr Friederike Otto presents to Chinese and Brazilian scientists at‘s Dr Friederike Otto presented on climate attribution science to Chinese and Brazilian early career researchers today, as part of a week-long workshop for the LOTUS project...
  5. Climate Prediction E&E News article explores how climate attribution science has deve

    A recent article in Environment and Energy News explores how the science of attributing the effects of climate change to individual extreme weather events has developed over the last 15 years. The...
  6. Distributed Proofreading The Story of Noah's Ark - Smith, E. Boyd

    Language: English - Genre: Picture Book

  7. Distributed Proofreading The Oyster; Where, How and When to Find, Breed, Cook and Eat

    Language: English - Genre: Cooking

  8. Distributed Proofreading Low Tide on Grand Pré: A Book of Lyrics - Carman, (William)

    Language: English - Genre: Poetry

  9. MilkyWay@home Validation Inconclusive Errors

    Hi all,

    There has been some reports of validation inconclusive issues occurring with the Nbody workunits. It seems to be isolated to the nbody app. I believe this coincided with a database issue...
  10. Distributed Proofreading La Mythologie du Rhin - X.-B. Saintine

    Language: French - Genre: Mythology

  11. Distributed Proofreading The Legend of Kupirri, or, The Red Kangaroo - W. A. Cawthorn

    Language: English - Genre: Poetry

  12. Distributed Proofreading Rules and Examples of Perspective, Proper for Painters and A

    Language: English with Latin - Genre: Crafts

  13. Distributed Proofreading The Writings of Thomas Jefferson; Being His Autobiography, C

    Language: English - Genre: Reference

  14. Distributed Proofreading The Campaign Round Liege - Kennedy, John McFarland

    Language: English - Genre: Military

  15. Distributed Proofreading Texas Fossils: An Amateur Collector's Handbook - Matthews, W

    Language: English - Genre: Geology

  16. Distributed Proofreading Zigzag Journeys in the Camel Country--Arabia in Picture and

    Language: English - Genre: Travel

  17. Einstein@Home Happy New Year from Einstein@Home!

    Dear Volunteers,
    I want to thank you for your continuing contributions to Einstein@Home, and to wish all of you a healthy and happy 2018.
    The past year has seen several important steps forward,...
  18. Climate Prediction Dr Sihan Li presents at AGU Fall Meeting

    The world’s largest Earth and space science meeting – the AGU Fall Meeting – took place in New Orleans, Louisiana, from 11-15 December. Post-doctoral Research Associate Dr Sihan Li (Meredith)...
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    PrimeGrid PPS-Mega Prime!

    On 28 December 2017, 05:55:36 UTC, PrimeGrid’s PPS Mega Prime Search project found the Mega Prime:1155*2^3455254+1The prime is 1,040,139 digits long and will enter Chris Caldwell's The Largest Known...
  20. PrimeGrid PrimeGrid's Happy New Year's Challenge!

    At the stroke of midnight (UTC) on New Year's day, PrimeGrid is starting off our 2018 Challenge series with our Seventeen or Bust Happy New Year's Challenge!This 15 day challenge is intended to speed...
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    MilkyWay@home Quick Server Update

    Hey everyone,

    I am going to be doing a quick server update. Shouldn't take longer than a few minutes. There will also be a whole new set of separation runs put up after the update. If you...
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    MilkyWay@home Server Update

    Hey everyone,

    I noticed some database instability this weekend. I'm going to update some server applications to try to fix this. If you notice any issues over the next couple days, let me know....
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    MilkyWay@home New Runs 11/21

    Hey Everyone,

    I just put up some new runs. Let me know if you see any issues.

  24. MilkyWay@home New Badges for Membership Time

    Hey Everyone,

    I am updating the badges for membership time. These new badges will be available for our very special 9 and 10 year members. The new badges are the iridium tier badges shown below....
  25. MilkyWay@home New Team Creation Requirement (1 Credit Awarded)

    Hello Everyone,

    We have noticed an uptick in spam teams being created by users with 0 credits crunched. These teams are often advertising sketchy services and are not created in the spirit of...
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