Well, I made stats history today by being the first Knight Who Says Ni! who got a stat named after him (her/ it/ they)!

I asked Bok, who graciously accepted my spam, to create a new category of stat that would encompass (ass is in that word Ha! ) a metric that would capture the total sum output of the effort expended in BOINC. Mirbs are the number of categories that you have a score in, (i.e. 1ks, 10ks, etc.) TeraMirbs are the ones in which your Mirbs are ranked in the Top 100 of Boinc users.

I suggested that a total Breadth and Depth of numbers which included EVERY Mega Milestone you had would give a total value to the power of Scale, absolute numbers, and Scope, the number of projects participated in.

I so ever humbly suggested it should be "SquarePants".

That sucker took the bait!

Just kidding, I am honored to be added the list of such great luminaries such as: Clank (I can't remember but his face rings a bell) , Maxwell, (from oil Drop Experiment fame) Vaio (I think he works for SONY), Gibson (he makes guitars) MiRB, (from the planet X43klw3!@#$, ), and of course the Great Bok! Ruler of all statistics.

So Glad to have a new stat that measures true power!

Zombie67! I am gunning for ya.....

Creator of the SquarePants metric