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  1. First post, нах
  2. anybody activated their account?
  3. not getting work
  4. still no credit
  5. Boinc Seti Team.
  6. Must be my lucky Day !
  7. predict how many days before i get more work
  8. my credit is caught up
  9. difference between "claimed" credit and "granted" credit
  10. this is working now
  11. comment on BOINC SETI graphics
  12. For some reason.....
  13. is BOINC SETI always this screwed up?
  14. Not a bad week for Free-DC
  15. Angus, I've decided....
  16. Stats for the day
  17. @ Richard Clyne
  18. Congrats Angus on #1 spot..
  19. NASA Official Hunts for Aliens in Space
  20. Top stars picked in alien search
  21. Only Me?
  22. Seti CUDA client on the beta project
  23. RIP: W E Gordon
  24. SETI stats don't seem to be updating here, are on BOINCstats
  25. No SETI Update since 140207
  26. I'm back after 15 years.
  27. Nvidia GPU upgrade driver.