View Full Version : Time to reclaim #1!

02-24-2009, 11:26 AM
Seeing as how PY is still silently crawling away, and I -think- I have my router issues sorted out with this project (and an 18mbps/1.5mbps unlimited connection to match), I believe it's time to start making the long journey back to #1. If PY stays crawling and my router can keep up without bricking every few hours, then it should be about 68 days until it's reclaimed!

If this router gives me any more problems, I think I'll be selling it (Linksys WRT150N) and buying a router that was suggested to me over at the MJ-12 forums that's more suited to handle the barrage of crawling.

Also, if I do end up buying a 2nd cruncher, then I'll be able to run 2 systems crawling and actually use up most of my connection (instead of the tiny 8mbps I'm using now).