View Full Version : BeOS and Distributed.net

09-08-2004, 09:04 PM
Any BeOS users still out there?

MYOB of begroovy.com is working on a port of the latest source for dnet. He has it compiling and is asking for the networking and security code so he can finish.

Anyway, it might help if we wrote asking them to expedite releasing the rest of the source.

Send emails to - help@distributed.net

I sent this email today -

Dnet guys,

I understand that a BeOS user is working on a port of the latest source to bring BeOS back into the dnet fold. I used Dnet OGR under BeOS and would very much like to see a BeOS client for dnet again.

I support Cian Duffy's request to be allowed port the full dnetc to BeOS and hope you can expedite his request so we can get BeOS back up and running on OGR and RC5.


Any help would be appreciated.