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  1. Bok's Avatar
    coded an initial project timeline script and page to display.
  2. Bok's Avatar
    amended the historic team movemement on the user page to contain the real teamnames rather than id's only, added hyperlinks. A good example is here which shows lots of movement.
  3. Bok's Avatar
    in the movement page like here re-fixed it so that it shows teammovement To AND from the team in question. Added some url links on the fields too.

    on the teammovement page linked from a teambycpid page like here added the current score as well as the score at the time to see if the users are still running the project actively.
  4. BlisteringSheep's Avatar
    Dude, you're awesome!
  5. Bok's Avatar
    Good idea, I'll shade the score at least.

    I think I'm going to move the columns around a little anyway..

    I've got a list of at least 30 things to implement now, good thing is they are mostly cosmetic now, so pretty simple to put in.

    Enjoying it right now

    Keep the comments coming..
  6. LAURENU2's Avatar
    You might also want to add shaded column and rows to make it a little more easy to follow the lines