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Stats Coding

  1. Boinc Combined stuff

    Added a graph to the page by cpid showing the breakdown by percentage that a user has done in boinc projects..


    This is mine, though it doesn't have my name anywhere yet...

    I've got to change the code around a little to store it in an array completely before displaying it in order to display the name. I'm going to do this anyway as it gives the added bonus of being able to sort by score if required..
  2. Stats Coding

    a week or so ago, I created 3 new tables


    These are keyed by project name,date and id.

    Nightly during the rollover, for each boinc project, I populate the tables.

    For instance, lets take the userdata

    I loop around all projects which are tagged as 'boinc'

    foreach one I do

    insert into userdata (select '$proj','$yesterday',id,metric1,projrank,teamrank) from $proj_user;

  3. Stats Coding

  4. Stats Coding

    Added user milestones to the user page.

    Need to format out the dates a bit better and I think I'll limit how many entries are displayed
  5. Stats Coding

    Added the Country rank and Join Date rank from Boinc projects onto the usermain page so you can see an overview of where you are in each project..


    I'm going to create a seperate page like this one but keyed by the cross project identifier..

    Hyperlinked the country and joindate ranks to their respective pages and encoded/decoded the country so it works properly ...
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