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Stats Coding

  1. More stats coding

    Been adding lots of stuff recently..

    In no particular order..

    I fixed up the milestones, lots more milestones are tracked now and it's configurable within the database too - currently each project has it's own milestone table, but I think I'm going to alter this to be one single milestone table cross project - this would then give the (easy) option of having a 'hall of fame' page cross project showing all users who have passed milestone X.

    I fixed up team movement, ...
  2. Stats Parsing

    Last few days I've been experimenting with the parser somewhat on a home machine.

    Instead of writing directly to mysql, I'm writing out the queries to a file on the fly. When it hits 50,000 entries I fork off a job to pipe this through the commandline mysql using Parallel::Jobs in perl. Once finished parsing, I check for success on all running jobs and then continue on with the ranking and movement and the like...

    Initial tests are very promising..

    For instance, ...
  3. Stats rewrite

    Started writing the detailed Host stats tonight.

    For example

    Yet to do any graphs, though some placeholders are there and I have to format out some of the fields.

    Carolina Hurricanes lost tonight
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