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  1. Seti Classic stats


    finally got a parser going. It's kind of manual right now as this is a one time thing, so each run just gets one teams data (users and team). I've done the top 10. Might just write a quick wrapper and pull out the top 200 team numbers which is all that is listed at

    Then I'll have to manually do the ranking and such. Project ranks are going to be wrong as they will just be within the database ...
  2. Hydrogen@Home

    How I had missed this I don't know. thanks vaughan for pointing it out..

    I added in the coding for the indexes on 'yesterday' and 'last_update'. Done the frontend changes for last_update, have yet to do the ones for yesterday.
  3. Boinc Combined stuff

    Added a graph to the page by cpid showing the breakdown by percentage that a user has done in boinc projects..


    This is mine, though it doesn't have my name anywhere yet...

    I've got to change the code around a little to store it in an array completely before displaying it in order to display the name. I'm going to do this anyway as it gives the added bonus of being able to sort by score if required..
  4. Stats Coding

    a week or so ago, I created 3 new tables


    These are keyed by project name,date and id.

    Nightly during the rollover, for each boinc project, I populate the tables.

    For instance, lets take the userdata

    I loop around all projects which are tagged as 'boinc'

    foreach one I do

    insert into userdata (select '$proj','$yesterday',id,metric1,projrank,teamrank) from $proj_user;

  5. Stats Coding

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