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  1. Stats Coding

    Added user milestones to the user page.

    Need to format out the dates a bit better and I think I'll limit how many entries are displayed
  2. Stats Coding

    Added the Country rank and Join Date rank from Boinc projects onto the usermain page so you can see an overview of where you are in each project..


    I'm going to create a seperate page like this one but keyed by the cross project identifier..

    Hyperlinked the country and joindate ranks to their respective pages and encoded/decoded the country so it works properly ...
  3. More stats coding

    Been adding lots of stuff recently..

    In no particular order..

    I fixed up the milestones, lots more milestones are tracked now and it's configurable within the database too - currently each project has it's own milestone table, but I think I'm going to alter this to be one single milestone table cross project - this would then give the (easy) option of having a 'hall of fame' page cross project showing all users who have passed milestone X.

    I fixed up team movement, ...
  4. I will not blog!

    Never have, never will...

    Uh... wait... I think I just blogged?
  5. LaurenU2

    Free-DC is one of the Best Teams Around
    The members here might be a bit on the Quiet side
    But they have the Biggest hearts and will give you the shirt off their back if they see you have a need of it
    I my self Was Very Lucky to Find this place and have called it home ever since
    If you are thinking of joining a team You could not do better then Free-DC

    Well in February I with the Help of IB (Thanks for the Setup Help IronBits ) Have been pushing ...

    Updated 02-27-2008 at 09:14 PM by LAURENU2

    The Push
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