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  1. New Database Server

    Core I7 2600K@4Ghz
    16Gb DDR3
    2x128Gb Intel 510 SSD'd (databases)

    Intention is to make some much needed changes to some of the underlying tables and therefore the scripts that parse and create the data. Main reason for this the way I create the stats.

    I have two databases, each on a different SSD. First database is where I parse the xml files into and do all the manipulation to. The second database is the web facing one. Don't want to do major inserts/updates ...
  2. New bits and pieces

    I'll try and post one liners for stuff I add in..

    Added a 'last28' field into the boinc users table rather than computing it on the fly. Not quite 3rd normal form for a database but it allows it to be indexed and sorted in the front end. Coded the perl scripts to calculate it and fixed the 'users' php script to allow sorting.

    Amended the nightly script which calculates a users 'main' team across boinc projects. This is a bit of a grey area really. The script basically uses ...
  3. What is it?

    This is what I found on my ceiling in the garage this morning. Anyone know what it is?

    Original post can be found here.
  4. Sunset in Georgia

    (Sunset in Georgia, Part I, taken from my driveway)

    (Sunset in Georgia, Part II, taken from my driveway)

    (1st stage of the moon, during sunset)

    For more pictures and the rest of the story, go here.
  5. Photo Album under construction.... Request for Suggestions/Comments

    I'm learning and have finally started to put up some of the photos in a Photo Album from my active flying days. There's a lot I can put up.... some of them are 'questionable' ..... I have a 'patch' image of our 'unofficial squadron patch'... where 'Back in Black' has a woman wearing a black string bikini bathing suit. So, some of this is funny, some all 'guy stuff', and other stuff clearly not 'G-rated'... How would you all handle it and what would you put up / not put up / handle it? ...

    Updated 01-03-2009 at 01:35 AM by Chuck

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