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  1. Hi Bok,
    When you get a chance could you check BURP's stats? The project has work being crunched at the moment but the Free-DC stats aren't updating.
  2. Ranking on F@H..

    LOL, I'm guessing here.. but I BET you were using stats4 right? And then trying to do NEXT...

    It's broken on stats4 temporarily.. I'm going to revamp that whole mechanism and I had to change a bit of javascript to start that off...

    Always check on first if anything doesn't work on stats4 as that is the 'live' one, stats4 is where we do the development so it gets kinda broken at times..

    AMDave is doing a great job in helping with fixes/bugs btw !
  3. bok, The FAH stats only show first 100 ranks tonight 12:57am Sunday July 13th AEST.
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