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  1. Hey, Moogs! Glad to have some company on Spinhenge. In case you aren't aware, there is a bug in Spinhenge. Every now & then, a WU will get hung up and take WAY too long before it gets shut down. You can tell if it's hung by bringing up the BOINC status TASK list and looking at the processing times. If the "CPU time" plus the "to completion" time add up to more than the average CPU time, then it's hung. The average is shown under "to completion" for unstarted WU's. A couple of minutes either way is OK, but if there's a big discrepancy, you need to highlight the WU on the Tasks page and hit Abort. It'll mark that one complete and start on the next in a few seconds. Cheers!
    Les, aka Paratima
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