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  1. How often do they export stats for SETI.BETA...
  2. BOK
    Something whacked in Distergen

    According the the credit charts, this host is doing 400K a day, according to the project host page, he is doing 400 a day..
  3. Problem with your most #1's on your stats site. It does not work.
  4. This CPID is the broken one -
    I don't care much if you don't fix ABCbeta,
    But Hashclash and Xtremelab should be fixed.

    The correct CPID should be - cpid=c588950ba551b22cf0d96adbf6dcd720
    This is the one that shows in BOINCstats and the one that all the rest of the projects use.

    Awesome that you can fix this - I tried to get Willy at BOINCstats to make the change but he just said I was out of luck. So, if you can make the corrections that would be awesome.

    Hashclash is a dead project so I don't think we have anything to worry about it coming back online.

    Xtremelab is suppose to come back online but - who knows.
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