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I'll try and post one liners for stuff I add in..

Added a 'last28' field into the boinc users table rather than computing it on the fly. Not quite 3rd normal form for a database but it allows it to be indexed and sorted in the front end. Coded the perl scripts to calculate it and fixed the 'users' php script to allow sorting.

Amended the nightly script which calculates a users 'main' team across boinc projects. This is a bit of a grey area really. The script basically uses a temporary table which I do a group by insert ignore on each users team. The on with the highest hits gets inserted, the others are ignored. However this meant that say a user was originally in team A for 15 projects way back when and now moved to team B for an additional 5 projects, it would still say they were in team A overall which is not quite true. Would be ok if they could change their team on the original 15 projects but a lot of the older projects are either closed down or not exporting new xml so that's impossible. Likely does not affect too many users, but I altered the script slightly to only use projects deemed as 'active'.

Refixed the coprocessor string sent out in the xml. I'd hoped to get the BOINC devs to separate out he components but no go, so I'm showing it on the host pages undiluted again..


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    in the movement page like here re-fixed it so that it shows teammovement To AND from the team in question. Added some url links on the fields too.

    on the teammovement page linked from a teambycpid page like here added the current score as well as the score at the time to see if the users are still running the project actively.
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    amended the historic team movemement on the user page to contain the real teamnames rather than id's only, added hyperlinks. A good example is here which shows lots of movement.
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    coded an initial project timeline script and page to display.