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I will not blog!

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Never have, never will...

Uh... wait... I think I just blogged?


  1. Bok's Avatar

    Now get those Christmas lights pics in !
  2. Moogie's Avatar
    Yes...must have pictures!!!!!
  3. AMDave's Avatar
    And so it was that The Accidental Blogger was born
  4. LAURENU2's Avatar
    Are we going to see Pic's or a Vid ?
  5. Jeff's Avatar
    Well... my son and I are in the process of making four 10' arches. Each arch has 800 multi-color minis and 900 clear minis. The multi-color are going to be either all on or off while the clear minis will be controlled separately in groups of 100(so you can animate the arch).

    After we are done with those, I'll do a little demo sequence to give the gist of what we are trying to do here.
  6. Jeff's Avatar
    Here are some pictures from today...