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Stats Coding

Stats Coding

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Added the Country rank and Join Date rank from Boinc projects onto the usermain page so you can see an overview of where you are in each project..


I'm going to create a seperate page like this one but keyed by the cross project identifier..

Hyperlinked the country and joindate ranks to their respective pages and encoded/decoded the country so it works properly for multi-word countries.

Added a hyperlink to the userprofile in boinc projects on the user page. Hyperlinks to the create_profile if no profile exists.

Added the country flags to the users pages


  1. LAURENU2's Avatar
    You might also want to add shaded column and rows to make it a little more easy to follow the lines
  2. Bok's Avatar
    Good idea, I'll shade the score at least.

    I think I'm going to move the columns around a little anyway..

    I've got a list of at least 30 things to implement now, good thing is they are mostly cosmetic now, so pretty simple to put in.

    Enjoying it right now

    Keep the comments coming..