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    Happens sometimes if the user records are altered...

    Happens sometimes if the user records are altered in the xml, I don't automatically delete the old ones, but they are marked as old for easy identification.

    All gone.
  2. Great Apes' Biggest Threat Is Human Activity, Not Habitat Loss

    An assessment of chimpanzees, gorillas and bonobos reveals that our economic “footprint” is the primary driver of great apes’ fate

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  3. COVID Can Cause Strange Eye and Ear Symptoms

    From conjunctivitis to vertigo, coronavirus infections can affect disparate senses

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  4. Lost Women of Science, Episode 3: The Case of the Missing Portrait

    A missing portrait of physician and pathologist Dorothy Andersen takes us on a journey into the perils of memorialization—and who gets to be remembered. Pediatric intensivist Scott Baird...
  5. Scientists Plan Private Mission to Hunt for Earths around Alpha Centauri

    A privately funded telescope called Toliman will seek habitable worlds in our nearest neighboring star system, potentially sparking a new wave of exoplanetary exploration

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  6. NASA's DART Mission Could Help Cancel an Asteroid Apocalypse

    Our planet is vulnerable to thousands of “city-killer” space rocks. If—when—one is found on a collision course with Earth, will we be ready to deflect it?

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  7. Mystery of Doomed Sardine Migration Is Finally Solved

    Pulses of cold seawater mislead millions of sardines into swimming along the South African coast to their death

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  8. 'Portable Oasis' Extracts Water from Dry Desert Air

    An ultraporous humidity sponge could provide 300 gallons of fresh water a day

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  9. This Cheap Device Could Expand the World's Access to Vaccines

    A new delivery method for certain vaccines could make the lifesaving treatments more effective and accessible

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  10. Rubbing Up against Sharks May Feel Good despite the Danger

    Fish species were found deliberately chafing on sharks around the world, though why they do so is not entirely clear

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  11. Warning Scale Unveiled for Dangerous Rivers in the Sky

    Strings of ocean storms called atmospheric rivers flood California and other western coastlines, although sometimes they can be beneficial

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  12. New Mineral Discovered in Deep-Earth Diamond

    The surprising find has never shown up in nature before and reveals secrets about the earth’s mantle

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  13. Genes Reveal How Some Rockfish Live up to 200 Years

    Scientists surveyed dozens of species’ genomes to uncover keys to longevity

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  14. How Certain Gestures Help You Learn New Words

    Researchers used headsets that release disruptive magnetic pulses to study how motor brain areas contribute to the effect

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  15. Lost Women of Science, Episode 2: The Matilda Effect

    A passionate outdoorswoman, a “rugged individualist” and a bit of an enigma—the few traces Dorothy Andersen left behind give us glimpses into who she was. In this episode, we...
  16. Cannabis Use in Pregnancy Is Linked to Child Anxiety, Hyperactivity

    Changes in the activity of immune system genes in the placenta could explain the association, researchers speculate

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  17. This COVID Winter May Cause Fewer Deaths yet Still Bring a Surge

    This year is unlikely to see as many severe cases as last year, but relaxed restrictions and a patchwork of vaccination could still mean trouble, experts warn

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  18. Investigating Antidepressants' Surprising Effect on COVID Deaths

    Researchers are still puzzling over what this drug does at the molecular level to help COVID patients

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  19. Half of the World's Coastal Sewage Pollution Flows from Few Dozen Places

    An analysis of roughly 135,000 watersheds reveals that large amounts of key pollutants come from human wastewater, not just agricultural runoff

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  20. Infants as Young as Two Months May Be Able to Detect Faces and Scenes

    Baby-brain-scanning experiments fuel the debate over whether humans are born with these abilities

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  21. Dozens of Shipwreck Discoveries Anticipated in New Marine Sanctuary

    A federal designation could help yield 3-D models that are useful for finding, studying and conserving vessels on the bed of Lake Michigan

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  22. How Immunocompromised People without Strong Vaccine Protection Are Coping with COVID

    People with diseases or treatments that suppress their immune system cannot count on the same protection most vaccinated people have

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  23. The Brain Has a Special Kind of Memory for Past Infections

    This form of recall may control immune responses beyond the central nervous system

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  24. How an Award-Winning Illustrator Weaves Emotion into Science

    Award-winning science illustrator Fatinha Ramos creates intimate artwork that brings science stories to life

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    How COVID Might Sow Chaos in the Brain

    SARS-CoV-2 appears to travel widely across the cerebral cortex

    -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com
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