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    Where is this link found ? It's not expecting...

    Where is this link found ?

    It's not expecting the last part of that url, which is why it fails, there is no filtering by team on that page and the rewriteRule in place does not like the trailing /...
  2. How Could the Beirut Explosion Happen? Experts Explain

    To get to the roots of disasters like this one, investigators rely on video footage, documents, interviews and other evidence

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  3. Higgs Boson Gives Next-Generation Particle Its Heft

    Experiments at the Large Hadron Collider suggest that muons and other “second-generation particles” obtain their mass from interacting with the Higgs, further strengthening the...
  4. Weird Mystery Seeds Arriving by Mail Sprout Biodiversity Concerns

    An invasive plant expert explains what could happen if enigmatic seeds shipped from China are released

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  5. Europe's Euclid Space Telescope Will See Cosmos with Panoramic Vision

    Launching in 2022, the wide-field observatory will be one of three next-generation facilities meant to lift the veil on dark energy, dark matter and other cosmic mysteries

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  6. How Do Scientists Determine the Ages of Human Ancestors, Fossilized Dinosaurs and Oth

    Experts explain how radiometric dating allows them to reconstruct ancient time lines

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  7. How Dozens of Languages Help Build Gender Stereotypes

    Usage patterns shape biases worldwide, whether in Japanese, Persian or English

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  8. How to Evaluate COVID-19 News without Freaking Out

    Disinformation expert Carl Bergstrom gives tips on how to stay calm and make sense of pandemic news

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  9. Neural Switch Flips on Aggression in Male Mice

    A separate set of cells in the same region regulate sexual behavior

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    It's a fault at the project, their xml files have...

    It's a fault at the project, their xml files have not been exported -
  11. Concerns about Waning COVID-19 Immunity Are Likely Overblown

    The decline seen in some studies is normal, experts say. But scientists must wait to see whether infection confers long-term protection

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  12. Do Animals Really Anticipate Earthquakes? Sensors Hint They Do

    Cows, sheep and dogs increased their activity before tremors, seemingly reacting, in part, to one another

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  13. Plants Have Hormones, Too, and Tweaking Them Could Improve Food Supply

    Crops sense and respond to drought, pests and other stressors in surprising ways, researchers are discovering

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  14. One Mystery of Stonehenge's Origins Has Finally Been Solved

    Detailed testing of the chemical signature of the Neolithic monument’s most prominent large stones pinpointed where they came from

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  15. Strongest Evidence Yet Shows Air Pollution Kills

    The finding comes as the Trump administration has been rolling back clean air regulations

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  16. NASA's Ingenuity--the First Ever Off-World Helicopter--Is Set for a 'Wright Brothers

    Launching with the Perseverance rover, this technology demonstration could lead to revolutionary new capabilities in interplanetary exploration

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  17. An Immune Protein Could Prevent Severe COVID-19--if It Is Given at the Right Time

    The antiviral interferon might help early but exacerbate disease in later stages

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  18. Scientists Unveil First Ever Pictures of Multiple Planets around a Sunlike Star

    The two giant worlds, each much larger than Jupiter, constitute only the third multiplanet system ever imaged

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  19. World War II's Warsaw Ghetto Holds Lifesaving Lessons for COVID-19

    An outbreak of typhus in the densely packed walled enclosure was countered by adopting all-too-familiar public health measures

    --
  20. The Beautiful Things inside Your Head: Winners of the 10th Annual Art of Neuroscience

    The top works—and our favorites—range from interactive pieces to a pen-and-paper drawing

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  21. Quantum Tunneling Is Not Instantaneous, Physicists Show

    A new experiment tracks the transit time of particles burrowing through barriers, revealing previously unknown details of a deeply counterintuitive phenomenon

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  22. Japan Prepares for Hayabusa2's Daring Return to Earth

    In December the spacecraft will swing past our planet and drop off samples collected from an ancient asteroid

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  23. COVID-19 Pandemic Shows Telecommuting Can Help Fight Climate Change

    In cities with relatively clean electricity and long car commutes, widespread telework could reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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  24. Genes May Influence COVID-19 Risk, New Studies Hint

    DNA changes tied to immune reactions, a viral doorway and blood type could affect disease severity

    --
  25. Contact Tracing, a Key Way to Slow COVID-19, Is Badly Underused by the U.S.

    Despite tracing’s success in other countries, the U.S. government has failed to adequately fund or apply the tool

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