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  1. LHC@Home killing extremely long SixTrack tasks

    Dear all,

    we had to kill ~10k WUs named:
    due to a mismatch between the requested disk space and that actually necessary to the job.
    These tasks...
  2. Climate Prediction Oxford e-Research Centre teams up with ECMWF to enable scientists

    The OpenIFShome project was launched on 18 June during this year’s OpenIFS user workshop at the University of Reading. Scientists will be able to study events such as tropical storm Karl, which...
  3. LHC@Home Using a local proxy to reduce network traffic for CMS

    Thanks to computezrmle, with additional work from Laurence and a couple of CMS experts (and my adding one line to the site-local-config file) there is now a way to set up a local caching proxy to...
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    LHC@Home new exes for SixTrack 5.02.05

    Dear volunteers,

    we are pleased to announce the release to production (SixTrack app) of new exes for the current pro version (v5.02.05). We have new exes for FreeBSD (avx/sse2), an exe for XP...
  5. Climate Prediction News about links to publications

    We have some new webpages that link volunteers to the publications that their computing time has contributed to. They can be accessed via the following url ...
  6. LHC@Home 2019 BOINC Pentathlon is over - a big thank you from the SixTrack team!

    Dear volunteers,

    the 2019 pentathlon is over, and we would like to thank all the participants for having crunched our tasks! We saw the BOINC CPU capacity almost doubled, boosting our...
  7. LHC@Home BOINC Pentathlon - Sixtrack sprint

    We are very grateful to have been chosen for the BOINC Pentathlon of SETI Germany over the next days. For this, the Sixtrack team has submitted a huge backlog of jobs, and our servers will primarily...
  8. LHC@Home CMS -- Please set "no new tasks"

    Hi to all CMS-ers. We need to drain the job queue so that a new version of the WMAgent can be installed.
    Can you please set No New Tasks so that your current tasks can run out and no new jobs...
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    LHC@Home Database problems

    We are having database problems and have to schedule an intervention at 3:30pm UTC. The LHC@home servers are back again. We may have some irregular dispatching of some applications over the next...
  10. LHC@Home Native Theory Application (TheoryN) Released

    The Native Theory Application for Linux has moved out of Beta status and is now generally available. It is similar to the Native ATLAS application in that it requires CVMFS to be installed locally...
  11. LHC@Home new SixTrack version 5.02.05 released on BOINC for production

    Dear volunteers,

    after a long period of development and testing, we are pleased to announce that we have on BOINC a new major release of SixTrack. The development team made an impressive job to...
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    MilkyWay@home Leaving MilkyWay@home

    Hey Everyone,

    I want to thank you all for your support and encouragement over the last 7 or so years that I have been a developer and scientist on this project. Unfortunately, it has come time...
  13. MilkyWay@home New runs of MilkyWay Nbody out

    Hello all,
    I just wanted to let you know that new runs for the newest version of the MilkyWay@home Nbody program have just been released. The names of these new runs are:...
  14. MilkyWay@home New version of MilkyWay Nbody

    Hello all,
    We have just released a new version of the MilkyWay@home Nbody application. We have not put up new runs for this yet. We will be putting up new runs next week or the following week. Thank...
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    Seti@Home Science progress report

    An update on the SETI@home back-end data analysis is here.

  16. Distributed Proofreading Your Time is Up - Sheldon, Walt

    Language: English - Genre: Science Fiction

  17. Distributed Proofreading The American Journal of Pharmacy. March, 1907 - Henry Kraeme

    Language: English - Genre: Periodical

  18. Distributed Proofreading Sünndagsklocken. Stadt- un Dörp-Predigten. - Köhn, F.

    Language: German with Low German - Genre: Religious

  19. Distributed Proofreading l'Uomo delinquente - Cesare Lombroso (1835-1909)

    Language: Italian - Genre: Psychology

  20. Distributed Proofreading The Isthmus of Suez question - Lesseps, Ferdinand Marie

    Language: English - Genre: Other

  21. Distributed Proofreading A vagabond's Odyssey - Safroni-Middleton, A.

    Language: English - Genre: Travel

  22. LHC@Home Problem writing CMS job results; please avoid CMS tasks until we find the re

    Since some time last night CMS jobs appear to have problems writing results to CERN storage (DataBridge). It's not affecting BOINC tasks as far as I can see, they keep running and credit is given. ...
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    MilkyWay@home New Separation Runs

    Hey everyone,

    There was a problem with the previous separation runs that was causing some command lines to overflow. I have changed the bundle size of the new runs, so that shouldn't be a problem...
  24. Distributed Proofreading Bright Islands - Riley, Frank

    Language: English - Genre: Science Fiction

  25. Distributed Proofreading My Spanish year - Whishaw, Ellen Mary (nee Adby-Williams)

    Language: English with Spanish - Genre: Travel

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