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    point me to your stage page and I can take a...

    point me to your stage page and I can take a look.

    The rakesearch ones I haven't kept up with any they've given out in the last few months as it's a manual job to add them - the others may be due...
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    I pretty much do the same thing. Got 2 24core...

    I pretty much do the same thing. Got 2 24core machines switched off, plus my kids each have a dual hexcore not doing much of anything. I jump on anything new and that's about it.

    As for coding,...
  3. China Lands Tianwen-1 Rover on Mars in a Major First for the Country

    Second only to the U.S. in a fully successful Mars landing, China is now set to explore the Utopia Planitia region of the Red Planet’s surface

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  4. Fraudulent Fish Foiled by Cancer-Catching Pen

    Seafood is often falsely labeled, but a handheld device can tell tuna from tilapia in seconds

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  5. Climate Change Added $8 Billion to Hurricane Sandy's Damage

    New research shows how much warming is costing society by exacerbating disasters

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  6. The Pandemic's Next Effect: A Giant Wave of Disabling Grief

    COVID deaths are leaving millions bereaved. For some, the intense grief never recedes, making daily life almost impossible

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  7. First Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Released in U.S. Are Hatching Now

    As Aedes aegypti mosquitoes increase their range because of warming climate, genetic manipulation of the disease-carrying species could gain wider appeal

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  8. Adolescents Can Finally Get Vaccinated against COVID

    Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine approval is younger teens’ shot at freedom

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  9. New Brain Implant Turns Visualized Letters into Text

    The technology lets people with paralysis perform thought dictation at rates approaching the thumb speeds of texters

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  10. MDMA Shows New Promise for Trauma, but the Drug Alone Is Not a Cure

    The illegal substance—paired with intensive therapy and hard work—dramatically improves PTSD symptoms

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  11. Hacker Attack on Essential Pipeline Shows Infrastructure Weaknesses

    Ransomware is steadily hitting harder. Could banks or subway systems be next?

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  12. The NYPD's Robot Dog Was a Really Bad Idea: Here's What Went Wrong

    Design, context and timing influence whether humans embrace a robot or reject it

    --
  13. First in Flight: NASA Just Proved Flying on Mars Is Possible--Next Up Is the Solar Sy

    With Ingenuity’s five successful flights on the Red Planet, aviation may find unexpected footing in the future of space exploration

    --
  14. Genes Linked to Self-Awareness in Modern Humans Were Less Common in Neandertals

    Brain networks for memory and planning may have set us apart from Neandertals—and chimps

    --
  15. Scientists Supersize Quantum Effects with Entangled Drum Duet

    Two teams have demonstrated new degrees of quantum measurements in micron-sized metal drums

    --
  16. Bird Brawlers Love Spectators--Other Avian Species Are Welcome at Ringside

    Tufted titmice scuffle more vigorously in front of a crowd—even if some of the onlookers are woodpeckers

    --
  17. Reckless Rush to Reopen Threatens Chile's Exemplary Vaccination Strategy

    Easing restrictions without clear risk communication undercuts some of the country’s hard-won progress in fighting the pandemic

    --
  18. People May Have Used Fire to Clear Forests More Than 80,000 Years Ago

    Bushland around northern Lake Malawi in Africa might be the legacy of people burning forests tens of thousands of years earlier

    --
  19. 'Mother Trees' Are Intelligent: They Learn and Remember

    And ecologist Suzanne Simard says they need our help to survive

    -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com
  20. 'Cave Syndrome' Keeps the Vaccinated in Social Isolation

    After a year away from friends and co-workers, people sometimes struggle to resume their public routines

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  21. Antarctic Study Shows How Much Space Dust Hits Earth Every Year

    A tally of pristine micrometeorites locked in polar ice gives the best-yet look at the origin and amount of extraterrestrial material reaching our planet

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  22. Ecologists Saved Bald Eagles with Helicopter Parenting

    One of the country’s largest captive-breeding programs for the once endangered species has helped it recover in California

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  23. Few Would Fear COVID Vaccines if Policy Makers Explained Their Risks Better

    Clear messaging and transparency are vital, say some experts on risk assessment and decision-making

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  24. Flu Has Disappeared Worldwide during the COVID Pandemic

    The public health measures that slow the spread of the novel coronavirus work really well on influenza

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  25. People of Color Breathe More Unhealthy Air from Nearly All Polluting Sources

    A trend of disproportionate exposure to deadly air pollution among Asian, Hispanic and Black people persists in most cases regardless of the emission source, a study finds

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