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    Rosetta@home is a scientific research project that uses internet-connected computers to predict and design protein structures, and protein-protein and protein-ligand interactions. Our goal is to develop methods that accurately predict and design protein structures and complexes, an endeavor that may ultimately help researchers develop cures for human diseases such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, and malaria. Our project relies on individuals, like you, who donate time on their computers to collectively provide the computing power necessary to further develop, test, and improve our methods.

    Why the WU's appear to get stuck at 66%

    "There are two parts to the workunits that are currently being processed. The first is the prediction of low-resolution structures (the first 66%, the next batch will be the first 83%). The second is high-resolution refinement (all atoms are considered), and this takes a bit more time. Since the percentages are currently based on the number of structures (not factoring in the different methods), they are not perfectly accurate. That is why you are seeing a lag after 66% as this is when the refinement step starts. The types of work units including the time they take to finish will change with time as we do various types of experiments."

    So it's normal behaviour and nothing to worry about

    This project reminds me of DF, seems like the methodolgy is the same.

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    Aaaaaarrrrggghhhh, not another one!!!!

    linky ?

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    This has has been around since july so I'm not sure why lots of people didn't find out until recently (including me)

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    What do the red squares in the graphic mean?

    And another question which needs a little explanation: There are three graphs on that screensaver. One of them tells the energy of the protein, the lower, the better the fit. The small square is a combination of the two other graphs. So, what is that right-hand side graph for, and is it better for for the lines to skew to the left, right, middle or some other criteria?

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