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I have a few queries

Please see my responses below.

Also, please share this information with anyone you think my be interested... I probably won't have an FAQ setup soon - so passing the word helps.

As i understand it the PeerNodes are setup by taking files from the SuperNode. ?


How does a PeerNode detect the IP of the SuperNode would it be in the .pl or .dll
file. ?

In the case of the PeerNode, the IP is detected under Windows, but not under Linux.
Under Linux you need to run the shell script.

Does the PeerNode client prompt for info about the SuperNode it should
attach to or is it a case of editing a config file. ?

The PeerNode autodetects the presence of the SuperNode when on a local network
However, if you wish to have PeerNode connecting from remote sites on the Internet then those peernodes will need a configuration file (which I haven't explained yet... I'll need to do that)

Do PeerNodes always use / need an xml config file ?

On a local network where the SuperNode is on the same subnet - configuration files will not be necessary for PeerNodes.
However they will be required for remote PeerNodes.

Please define remote / local PeerNodes

PeerNodes connecting to a SuperNode across the Internet.
On LAN's where the PeerNodes are in a different Subnet to the SuperNode
PeerNode will use port 80 when connecting to remote SuperNodes. This will be TCP

PeerNodes in the same Subnet as the SuperNode
On a local network PeerNodes connecting to a local SuperNode (as in a cluster) will use UDP

Does the appilication stick to using only the ports as listed in the doc or
can the PeerNode / SuperNode negotiate others.?

SuperNodes can use multiple ports.
All ports can be changed by the SuperNode operator - they don't have to be the same as listed in the docs
However, PeerNodes will need a configuration file to use ports other than 80 and 3400/3401.

What if the SuperNode is running linux and I want to serve Windows and linux ?
Would i have to set up a SuperNode running Windows as well ?

You need only one SuperNode (running Windows or Linux). PeerNodes can be mixed... but you will have to download the Linux version and grab the necessary files from there ;-) Folks running both Windows and Linux will need to download binaries for both platforms and then setup machines accordingly.

The SuperNode GUI is web based is this locked down to localhost only ?
Could i run the GUI on another PC ? {Control the SuperNode remotely} ?

Yes you'll be able to access your SuperNode remotely ;-)
However, you can add IP rules to the msgCourier.xml configuration file which restrict the IP addresses you can connect from whereby limiting access to SuperNode console pages.

Are SuperNodes identified as belonging to an individual who can be
affiliated to a team ?

Depends on how you and your team decide to work.
SuperNode operators will be able to collect their own local stats!
But, information is also sent to the primary SuperNode at for master stats.

Do PeerNodes have there own identity or is work done credited to the attachhes to ?

There will be a configuration file for PeerNodes that identify who gets credit.
But, credit is given to both the end user and the SuperNode operator.