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Thread: Unicode and guillemot and dots, oh my!

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    Unicode and guillemot and dots, oh my!

    Have you ever wished that you could harness your spare brain cycles, just like you harness your cpare CPU cycles for the causes of good, fun and team? We have just the thing. Join your teammates in Project Gutenberg's Distributed Proofreaders.

    Distributed Proofreaders and Project Gutenberg aim to put lots of public domain books, pamphlets and other printed material up on the web where anyone can use them. Projects range from old technical horticulture books to bodice rippers to children's books to poetry to history and more. If you can't find something interesting, check your pulse!

    Each book has to be compared to the scans and have the OCR corrected and reformatted into something sane. This takes a lot of volunteer effort. There are guidelines, mentoring and very friendly fora to help you get it right.

    If you prefer to work in Unicode or on non-English language materials (although PG-DP has non-English books), Distributed Proofreaders-Europe is the place for you. We do not currently have a Free-DC team over there, but if anyone else joins, we can certainly create one.

    And, if one team isn't enough, both DP sites allow you to join up to 3 teams! So, you've got your stats and three sets of team stats to keep track of. If you join PG-DP and DP-EU, you can have 8 sets of stats.

    Just register at either site (or both). Once you register, you can browse the team list, and choose which you wish to join. There is a Free-DC forum on PG-DP. Should we create a DP-EU team, a forum will be created automagically for us.

    Preserving history one page at a time!

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    A page a day...

    All they ask is a page a day... Only takes a few minutes, if you pick an easy project.

    Let's help preserve our history. The Project Gutenberg site is located here:

    There are 16,000 works that have been entered, all are free to download!
    The Distributed Proofreaders group has contributed over 7,500 of those books to the project, so far.

    More info can be found at the web site:

    Happy proofing!

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