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Thread: Overclockers Collective

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    Talking Overclockers Collective

    Uhh.. what happened? Did I pass out and the party moved up the street?

    I've been chunking along at my miserly rate of about 4,000 structures a day - not really paying attention. I noted a couple of protein changes, but they went smooth. So, today I thought I would check out my stats at Den's Distributed Projects Stats.

    Wow!!! I'm number 6 on the Overclockers Collective list. Then I notice that I'm the only member who folded structures for the past week.

    What happened to Overclockers Collective? Did everyone migrate to another team? Should I just go back to sleep - when I wake up I'll be #1 on Overclockers Collective. :sleepy:

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    they all moved to The Genome Collective...

    cover me... I'm going in...

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    We were hoping everyone would check out the DF stats page. (hint: check #17)

    The TGC board is located at:

    I wish Tod and the rest of the lot would find us too.
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