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    I would like to learn(find out) about optimization of the project under such technologists as See3, 3dnow! (+) and x86-64
    Optimization under 64 bit Central processing units врооде was, but the gain is not present.
    SO when capacity of the central processing Unit will be used in all power?

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    If you have a dual-core processor (Athlon64 x2 or Pentium Core Duo) then you should run 2 copies of the program at the same time to reach 100% CPU usage. 1 copy of the program will only use 50% cpu.

    Next, check your memory (RAM bios) settings for optimization. CAS latency, RAM timings, etc. to set as low (fast) as possible.

    However, SSE3, 3Dnow, etc. optimization must be handled by the software programmers (project leaders). There is not much you can do to enable these optimizations.

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