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Thread: Need to get a life?

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    Need to get a life?

    I really need some help I think.
    After several years of stats addiction, I had started to slack off a bit but I just realised I`m sneaking machines on the net whilst using the excuse to my better half that I`m just modifying or sorting out some problems with them.
    I just put another 2 machines on and stayed up most of the night (not unusual really) simply to get some more Dimes going cos Bok has been beating me in the dailies.
    Jeeeezus....I`m back to being a stats whore. HELP!!!!!
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    You have to ask your self
    Are you truly unhappy doing this?
    Does it take more out of your life then you get back?
    Would stopping make you unhappy?
    If you answer yes to 2 or more yes I would say you may need some help to stop

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