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Thread: ready responce

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    ready responce

    Looks like they have probs.....

    Current issues include:

    No Proxy support:
    This will be added to the next client release.

    Multiple Timeouts:
    We are working on the database software in an attempt to make it more efficient with a database of the magnitude of Red Library. This should resolve some of the timeout issues. If not, we may be forced to purchase a new server to handle the workload.

    Minor bug fixes:
    We will be working to eliminate some minor bugs on our end with the release of the new client, both client and server side.

    Again, thanks to all for your patience as we work things out. We could never have anticipated the enthusiasm that the new client and team support would generate and are grateful to you all for your support. Looking forward to bigger and better things in the future.

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    Seems they don't have a live webserver either.
    Is the site ever up ?

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