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Thread: Seasonal Attribution Project

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    Seasonal Attribution Project

    Recent extreme weather events have prompted the debate about effects of human activity on the world's climate. Now you can help us to determine the extent to which extreme weather events like the United Kingdom floods of Autumn 2000 are attributable to human-induced climate change. We invite you to download and run high-resolution model simulations of the world's climate on your own computer. By comparing the results of these simulations, half of which will include the effects of human-induced climate change, and half of which will not, we will investigate the possible impact of human activity on extreme weather risk. Thank you for your help, and please join the project!

    This project has been developed under the project with support from WWF International. If you are already running one of's experiments, or the new BBC Climate Change Experiment, then PLEASE allow your current experiment to finish before starting your Seasonal Attribution experiment. This project has fairly high computing requirements, including 1GB RAM: if your computer does not meet these, we suggest you try one of the main experiments.

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    Is this project going to get some stats?

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    I didn't realise it was an entirely new project.. Give me 5 mins and I'll add them..



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    Question SAP sig stats

    are there going to be SAP stats in the signature?

    or maybe they already are but I can't see them

    edit: ok - I found the correct thread - so I'll wait

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