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Thread: Hello, former FaDers

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    Hello, former FaDers

    I returned to the Find-a-Drug forum again today and found new posts in my old blog. I haven't found anything like Find-a-Drug yet, but keep hoping. I'm crunching with the low-key Top Cats at Folding@Home. I had difficulty with the BOINC client, but I think Rosetta is great. (I am a UW grad. Prejudiced?) My biggest problem is finding a "community" like we had at FaD. At least F@H is kind to my two Intel processors in the stats.

    Several months before the announcement of the end at FaD, several of my online friends from team XPC decided that I needed a second computer. They gave me a MOBO, unlocked XP 2500+, Chieftec Dragon case, fans, power supply, hard drive, memory, etc. and sent parts from all over the U. S. It was like Christmas with the UPS deliveries. I didn't know how to feel because I don't think I'm a charity case (yet), but always had other things to take my money, mostly grandchildren. My granddaughter at the University of Hawaii had dropped and damaged her laptop, and Bill Me Later let me replace it with an ABS (AMD 64 3400+) laptop that I wish I had for crunching. The parts given to me allowed me to build my own cruncher named FAD. FAD now has a different MOBO, quiet power supply, 1 GB PC 3200 memory, heatsink, and four quiet case fans. The Chieftec case may someday hold a dual core computer, and this is all because my friends got me started. I will be grateful to them forever.

    I doubt that many of you know that LAURENU2 was a member of team Thinktank for a few hours. It is a long story, but just before he joined, Thinktank started disintegrating. I believe Thinktank was in first or second place at the time. I was a moderator (and member of Thinktank) and lost some friends (in Thinktank) in the process. The remaining members of Thinktank formed Phoenix.

    You may have noticed that I said two Intel processors above, and yet FAD was my second computer. At Christmas, my granddaughter brought the broken laptop home and I repaired it. It is a Dell Inspiron 8100 with an Intel P3m, 1.2 GHz 133 FSB 512 MB RAM. It does floating point math about as well as my old P4 Willamette. It pushed the P4 so hard that I upgraded the P4 to a Northwood core 2.8 GHz 400 FSB, the fastest that I can run in my original computer, a Dell Dimension 8200 desktop.

    It has been almost five months since THINK's announcement of the end at Find-a-Drug. I'm still getting over it, but the thing I miss most is my friends. All of you.

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    Hiya VESTER
    Long time no see
    I see your doing well except for the case of thinkitas Sorry there is no cure But it will get better
    Ya FAD was a Fun project I to do Miss it
    Haha Ya Thinktank that was a short membership what was it about 7 to 10 days and it exploded
    Well I for 1 am glad you stooped in to to say Hi Stop back in more often please

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    I still miss DF, so I feel for you, Vester.

    You are welcome at F@H. We may be so laid back, we can be mistaken for dead, but it seems to be a solid project and a solid client that never needs to be messed with.

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    Hello Vester.

    You may not know me but your post on the FaD forums gave me alot of information regarding that project and helped me chugging along when I had problems.

    Don't be a stranger around here.

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