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Thread: Jeff's Guide to P-1ing (Windows)

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    Jeff's Guide to P-1ing (Windows)

    Alright, given the fact I'm relatively new at this I've encountered quite a few questions that cedricvonck has managed to answer quite well. From this I've managed to think of a tutorial on how to begin P-1ing effectively. Hopefully this walkthrough below will help anyone wishing to begin P-1ing.

    This is a more revised version of cedricvonck's current walkthrough and for Windows users only. Linux users may follow along with the guide but I haven't setup P-1ing on a *nix before so you may have to ask questions to finish setting up. Also make sure you can dedicate at least 256MB of RAM to P-1ing. My computer has 1GB of RAM and I have Prime95 set to take up to 512MB anytime it needs.

    Make sure you have an account with RieselSieve. To do this you will need to register:

    You will need this later to finish getting everything for P-1ing. If you already have an account then you're okay and can skip this step.

    Now to get everything downloaded and configured that you'll need to P-1.

    Get the latest download of Prime95 (Windows) or mPrime (Linux) from:

    For a quick link to the latest version of P95 click:

    Install Prime95 to: C:\Program Files\Prime95

    I'd highly suggest opening the folder you installed to and right-clicking on Prime95 and sending a shortcut to the desktop for easier access.

    Get a copy of the latest Riesel.dat file from here:

    Open the .zip and extract the file to the Prime95 file folder.
    Rename Riesel.dat to Sob.dat


    Remember when you registered if you didn't already have an account? Okay now you need to login:

    Click P-1 Reservations on the left hand side of the page. Now this is where it gets annoying (until it is fixed if ever). You have to scroll down and on the bottom left-hand side is ANOTHER login box. Login again with the same information you logged in once for. Now a menu should appear in the left hand side that says User Menu. Underneath that is a link that says Reserve a P-1 Range. Click that.

    For the sake of just getting your feet wet let's start with a P-1 range of 100. There's a drop down menu that is labeled as Predefined Range Size. Click the drop down menu and select 100. Off to the right you'll see a button labeled Submit. Now click that.

    You should get a screen that says something to the effect of:
    "Success! You have now reserved the range [Insert Your Range Here]."

    Directly below that is a link to create the necessary worktodo.ini file so Prime95 knows what it needs to do exactly. Click the link.

    First, select if you're using Windows or Linux.
    In the B1/Sieve Depth: box put: 47
    In the B2/Factor Value: box put: 5.0

    These are parameters laid out for P95 to help it determine which numbers need P-1 factoring. Now many P-1 users are currently at or around 4.0 for their B2/Factor Value. It is not suggested at putting anything LESS than 4.0 for your B2/Factor Value. I strongly recommend 5.0 though. It take longer for P95 to P-1 a number but it seems to be snagging a few more factors than the lower values. Since this is a small range we're doing go ahead and stick with 5.0. Feel free to play around later on though.

    Click the "Generate Work File" button and let the RieselSieve site do its thing. A download box will appear not to long after and ask you what you'd like to do. Click "Save to Disk" and point the file to the directory you installed Prime95 to. Make sure that when saving this file you add the .ini after the filename otherwise it will be saved as worktodo.txt instead of worktodo.ini.

    You're almost ready to start P-1ing! Open Prime95 and click "Stress Testing".

    Now click Options-> CPU and make sure your preferences are set as follows:

    For those with 512MB of RAM:
    Daytime & Nighttime available RAM: 256

    For those with at least 1GB of RAM:
    Daytime & Nighttime available RAM: 512

    Then click OK.

    Okay, seriously you're so close to P-1ing it's not funny. And so far it's not been hard has it?

    Click Test->Continue. If Continue is not able to be clicked then do the following:

    Click Test->Status (if available). I've noticed that Continue doesn't always show up as available so if you have to do a Status first. It'll pop up a window listing a whole bunch of numbers and you just click okay. Then you should be able to click Test->Continue.

    You should see Prime95 start actually doing something now and it should be something like:
    Starting P-1 factoring with B1=?????, B2=?????? (those ? will be numbers)
    Chance of finding a factor is an estimated ?.??%

    Once you see this you know you're in the clear. That's it. Now just close P95 (it will minimize to the systray) and let it run. Once you see it go Yellow in the systray (instead of red) it's done.

    Now to submit any factors you may have found. You need to open the Prime95 folder and open the file: results.txt

    Yeah, there's a lot of crap in this file you just don't need. Scroll through the file until you see an irregularity that will be something like:
    4256*2^1313616361-1 has a factor of: 3357235982359826398

    Those are the lines you do want. Open the factor submit page:

    Input your username that you used to login all the other places with.

    Now copy each of the lines from your results.txt to the big section that says Factors:. DO NOT CLICK SEND FACTORS WHEN YOU ARE DONE. These factors have not been formatted correctly yet for submission and will be rejected.

    You need to take the line that says:
    4256*2^1313616361-1 has a factor of: 3357235982359826398

    and make it look like:

    3357235982359826398 | 4256*2^1313616361-1

    The | symbol is located (normally) just above the enter key on the keyboard by holding down SHIFT.

    Highlight all the factors and hit CTRL+C. You'll need them all to submit to the forum thread in a moment. Once you've made all your factors look like this then you may click Send Factors.

    A page will appear that says "Thank you, [Your Name] for submitting [number of valid and/or non-duplicate factors] out of [total number of factors submitted]!

    Login to the forum and go here:

    Post a reply and paste what you copied from factor submission into the new post. Make sure to add your username and P95 after each factor so it looks like this:

    3357235982359826398 | 4256*2^1313616361-1 CaptainMooseInc P95

    Once you've done that submit it and you're done with you current P-1 Range.

    Now click back to your results.txt file. Hold down CTRL+A to select all. Hit the Backspace and then save the file (now empty). Only do this after you've submitted factors through factor submission and the forum.

    Go back to the P-1 Reservation page. Click the link within the line "To mark outstanding ranges complete, click here." Click the drop down menu to select your range (there will only be 1 if you only have 1 reserved), and click "Submit". Now RieselSieve knows your range is done. Go back to the P-1 Reservation Page again and now you can reserve a NEW range. Preferrably a bigger one (such as 1000).

    Now all you have to do is start the process over again (leaving out the configuartion of P95 and whatnot, that's permanent unless you wish to tweak it more).

    If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask. I'm certain that if I can't help that cedricvonck will.

    Happy P-1ing!


    P.S. Can someone sticky this for me?
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    Here's my question. Which one is faster: ECM (with the new GMP 4.1.99) or Prime95?



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    Well em99010pepe...

    You gave no file to reference to, just a program name. So I dug around for a minute and found the project ElevenSmooth which has each ECM client optimized for each processor already compiled. Downloaded their .zip file and extracted to C:\Program Files\ECM.

    Now I can't figure out how to get this thing to run. If you can find a way let me know. Also it looks like you have to feed it its number or give it a range to test.

    ECM needs to be able to pull from the worktodo.ini file as I do not know how to determine (manually) what numbers need P-1ed.

    A line from the worktodo.ini file looks as such:


    I'll break that down for you:
    Pfactor= that's P95 specfic.
    398023 is the k value
    2 is part of the equation (k*2^n-1)
    2266971 is the n value
    -1 is the last part of the equation
    47 is the B1/Sieve Depth
    5.0 is the B2/Factor Value

    From the 1000 range I reserved this is what needs P-1ed:
    If you can find a way to make ECM work with that in a file instead of feeding it its numbers, let me know and I'll see what runs faster. If ECM does run faster and produces legit factors that the RieselSieve Factor Submission page accepts then I'll push RieselSieve to use this. Hopefully you know more about ECM than I do cause I know nothing of it.

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    this one can't Continue (((
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