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Thread: Going offline for a while because of vacation

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    Going offline for a while because of vacation

    Tomorrow morning at 5:30 AM I and my family will take of to Crete for a week...

    I'll have to get up at 2:30 AM in the morning and drive to the airport.. that is in about 4 hours...

    I hope the wether is nice and better than it was in Austria the last few weeks (only rain and 10C instead of 25C like it should have in June)

    I'll also take my OGR-crunchers offline, so you wont notice anything from me. :sleepy:

    We'll see us in one week again!

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    Have a good time! Maybe I'll take this opportunity to push on OGR and get 1st place on a daily

    Its been 26-29C here the past few days, far too hot for my liking. Just had a massive downpour a few moments ago though.

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    Yep, even been good in Aberrrrrdeeeeen til tonite when the winfd went round to the east and NE. Brrrh, hate bein near the Nord See when the winfd is easting an thats why there`as so many rrrrs in Aberrrrrrdeeeeen and all east coast residents or denixzens or summat like that keep rolling the rrrrrs. The Scottish burr is actually an expression of cold weather and maybe shpould be pronounced brrrr.
    just noticed my stats tag has gorn orf....bit like me I guess....have to keep away from the ` key cos I miss it and bloody delete everything....definitly absolutly bloody hate laptops.......
    Like an ol` 8086, slow but serviceable.
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