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Thread: Version 3.7

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    Version 3.7

    I guess you guys really don't want to know there is yet another version released...

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    Maybe more in-house testing should've went on before making the project active?? I don't even particpate and this is getting annoying. :-p
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    i have been emailing the guy who is running this project. Most of the updates (except one i think) are so they can follow an interesting "route" in their app.

    I pointed him to this thread, which he has seen. As far as i know he is going to create his own account here so he can let us know what is happening.

    I did send him a rather long email trying to explain why i pulled out. short version...... when you enter a sprint, you don't expect it to turn into a marathon just before the finish. He does seem like a very nice chap, so i hope he stops by.

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    He does seem like a nice guy and don't forget he's just using the power of distributed computing to get a scientific interest done faster then would normally be possible (and maybe create some interest in the subject).

    It isn't a big project and if you find something interesting of course you're going to carry it on (that and maybe he persuaded the powers above to keep it going longer).
    Why shouldn't he continue it just to please some people who want to stay higher up the points chart (it's not a game to him, but a scientific interest, aka his job/bsc/msc/phd/etc...)

    (Though an automatic updating porgram would be a LOT better...)

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