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    From Oxford

    Hi Folks.
    Thank you so much for all your contributions to our project so far. It has really made a huge difference to what we can say about this project. Without your help the set of interesting things that we could say would be much more constrained. We now have very strong support for a thermodynamic model describing dice statistics and now want to investigate regions where our mathematical model breaks down and fails to capture the behaviour that your simulations are generating. It's these exciting results that led us to extend our deadline.

    It might seem a bit obscure to worry about rolling asymmetric dice; however it is an area of physics/applied mathematics which is very interestingly related to existing work on Chaos theory and fractal phenomena. We really hope to gain some new mathematical and physical insight from this work; i.e. it's not just about the dice but about new physical approaches. We hope that any papers we produce will be widely read.

    In acknowledgement of the help that we've received from our distributed computing contributors, as well as thanking all contributors broadly, at the moment we plan to acknowledge, in print, the top three teams and the top three individual contributors.

    We should apologise for the recent run of updates; from now on we shall always announce the new versions 24 hours prior to their release. We are gearing up for a new variety of experiments which needed some core software changes (normally we modify project parameters remotely without needing updates). We should stress that all work with previous versions is still useful; we're developing a rather substantial database of results.

    Many thanks again
    Danail and Nick

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    Will jump back in with one box, when i have finished this SoB thing for Fozzie.

    He is an evil bear you know, forced me to do it he did!!

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    I'm onboard for awhile, but my username got screwed up because I thought I know what a surname was. I THOUGHT it meant Mr., Ms., Mrs., that type of thing. It's only within the last hour, since I asked my mother, that I learned that it meant a person's last name.

    So now my username is permanently "Jason Mr."

    Oh, well.

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