"New" math project available with teams and stats.

The goal is to look for the lowest Sierpinski and Riesel numbers in base 5.
Here's a quote:

he lowest even Reisel number is mooted to be 346802 and the lowest even Sierpinski 159986. That is to say 346802.5^n-1 is always composite for every n, and 159986.5^n+1 is similarly endowed.

The Sierpinskis look the easiest to look at. We have to show there is a prime for every even k (in the power series k.5^n+1) less than k=159986 and I have checked so far up to n=18468 for all of the remaining values of k shown below. All other values of k have a prime at less than n=18468

Robert Smith
Stats are available here (thanks Lars)


Sieve - Clients (windows, linux)


LLRNET- Client (windows only)


Project Forum


How to join or create a team?

Just post here.

How to run the LLRNET client?


How to run the sieve client?

Well, go here and reserve a sieve range. Then download the dat file from one of the following links:


Create a sr5work.txt and to sieve the range 50 billion to 55 billion (i.e. 50e9 to 55e9), you add a single line in sr5work.txt like this
Then start the client like this:

start /min /low sr5sieve.exe
Now is up to Bok to make some fine stats and create a special Free-DC Forum.