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Thread: explorer.exe dominating processes.

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    explorer.exe dominating processes.

    Running SOB on XP (Home, I think), checking processes and I notice that explorer.exe runs very high whenever I activate SOB. Turn off SOB, explorer.exe drops down to almost never running or at least running at no more than 2% for a moment. Any ideas?

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    just to understand the situation better. If you continue to run SOB, does the explorer.exe continue to run very high after a certain time has passed or does it drop back to normal?

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    It continues to run very high as long as SOB is running. As soon as I turn off SOB, explorer.exe drops right off, occasionally reappearing at 1-2% but not much more than that, and infrequently. Somehow, the two seem to be tied. Tried rebooting again with no luck. If you need any other info, just post and I'll be glad to keep an eye on it for you.

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    Are you running any type of antispyware program. Perhaps an internet downloadable one.

    Some of the cheaper or free anti-virus or spyware detects sb.exe as a threat.

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    Well I don't have an answer to your question, but a recommendation, windows 2000 sp4 is fine, you don't need XP (unless you like it) and you definitely don't need anti-virus or anti-spyware if you know what you're doing. Anti-virus programs tend to eat resources with little benefit.

    Here's another twist: Keep SoB running, and kill explorer.exe. See how that goes You can always restart explorer with Ctrl+alt+delete-->task manager-->apps-->new process-->explorer.

    Of course, if you're actively using your computer, you're going to need explorer. But you can try killing explorer while you sleep at night.

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    Thanks for that tip! I killed Explorer.EXE and of course got SOB running 100% but when I restarted Explorer.EXE, it killed the SOB icon in the bottom right corner, though SOB is still running per task manager. So, I guess I'll just live with that for now.

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    I have worked with Windows 95, 98, XP, and Vista, not to mention MS-DOS, so if I'm wrong, reteach me. Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) is the shell of the Windows OS. It is responsible for the following: Desktop, Tray, Start Menu, File Browser, Control Panel, and others. I actually had the same problem one time when my Start Menu froze. The SB icon also dissappeared from my tray. I doubt there will ever be a solution to this.

    Also see these pieces of info from Wikipedia:

    Windows Explorer
    Windows Shell

    Hope this helps.


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