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Thread: Those crazy bovines...

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    Those crazy bovines...

    Have doubled our daily output already on this project.

    The Dual Xeon rigs are AWESOME on this project. Looks like we'll need to bring at least 3 or 4 of them to this project just to match production with the cows.

    Anyone up to help fight them off?

    SSE, SSE2, HT, and 64-bit are all recognized by client.


    P.S. Within the first day of crunching roughly 2500 WUs were done. At that daily rate the project can be finished in 1.5 years. If the project doubles in productivity (no doubt it will since this is only the first day of actual deployment) the project can be done by next fall but I really see it being able to be completed by May or June. Especially if Free-DC can put some guns behind it.
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    Any chance somebody is interesting in helping us in this project. Currently, we are fourth in daily production. Few more participants could make a difference here.

    Our daily production is 216, Cows have 946, AMD 893, and 测试者---第一团队 374.


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    64-bit is not used currently. But I will develop it later.

    So now there is no differences of performance between 64bit-supported and unsupported.

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    It looks like it is growing 255+ Crunchers and 12 teams.
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