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Thread: Riesel sieve/llr not showing...

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    Riesel sieve/llr not showing...


    I see that you added us (Team Haiku) to Riesel Sieve and LLR projects, but for some reason there's still no stats shown

    Also, we modified our TANPAKU team name to "Team Haiku" with a space in it a couple days ago


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    you don't show up in the allteams page which is why it isn't showing (not in my DB) but I've looked on the Riesel pages and you are listed there, so either it's a problem with my script or you aren't in the csv feed...

    and it's because you aren't in the csv files. I'll get with the Rieselsieve guys and have them sort it out, then you'll show up automatically..

    Tanpaku change is done..


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    Ah, interesting... When I went to add our team, their website team-add page wasn't working so I had someone in the IRC channel take care of it for me. I wonder if that is why it was missing from the CSV.

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    So, I know it has taken me WAY too long to take care of this (my sincere apologies), but the teams have been re-exported. The various client problems we've been having lately have kept me from taking care of this and a few other "smaller" bugs. Sorry about that.

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