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Thread: dfGUI v1.71 for Windows available (With Source)

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    dfGUI v1.71 for Windows available (With Source)

    A new version of dfGUI has been released (v1.71). I was hoping to add these features to yesterday's release but I know everyone wanted the -rt feature so I released v1.7. I had a bit more time than expected today so I was able to complete the rest of the features. You don't need to upgrade unless you want the new functionality.

    I spent some time with a hex editor and I figured out the ASN.1 binary encoding of the protein.trj file so I can extract the protein size from it. As long as Howard and gang continue to use this format dfGUI should be able to read it, otherwise I will put out a new release that fixes any problems.

    You can get it in the regular location:

    v1.71 (July 24, 2002)
    - Added OS detection for Windows NT 4.0

    - Added the ability to determine protein size and display it. dfGUI will read the protein.trj file and attempt to decode the protein size. If the format of the file changes in the future, the protein size will be reported as: ???

    - If you use dfGUI to start the DF Client it will now output what client switches you have selected to the benchmark.txt file when you click on "Write Bench Info".

    MD5 Sums:

    If you have any problems please let me know.

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    1.7 OK!

    Hi Jeff,
    Been running this new version for three days now, and no probs..
    Win XP (tho it says I'm running 2000?) 1009Mhz Athlon, 512 SDRAM.


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    Let me guess, you had Win2000 on there before and you upgraded to XP? All I do in dfGUI is read a registry entry that Windows puts in when you install. I am just displaying the exact text that is located in the registry. I have found that if people upgrade from a previous OS or they change hardware it doesn't always get updated in the registry.

    If you use regedit you can look at this key:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProductName

    Edit it to reflect your current XP OS and you should be fine.


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    Actually, I'm having a minor problem with the GUI. I'm running 1.7 on both my work and home computers (running 2000 and XP, respectively). In both locations I have the GUI in the startup folder and it starts fine when I reboot. I have also selected "autostart client". The problem is that the GUI says "client appears to be running" but it isn't. I have to manually stop and restart the client within the GUI.

    Have any idea why I'm having this problem?


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    Its possible that when you shut down your Windows machine, the DF Client doesn't stop properly and leaves the foldtrajlite.lock file around so it can't start when you boot your machine.

    Try this, load your machine and get everything working properly, then stop the DF Client, and reboot your machine. If it comes back up working properly then your problem is that when you close Windows the DF Client didn't get shutdown properly. You can either manually stop the DF Client before your shutdown Windows or install it as a service and run it that way.


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    Jeff: I don't know if you've thought of this, but there's a wonderful little syscall (or Windows API function, whatever you want to call it) that will return the current Windows version to you:

    Also check out the OSVERSIONINFO struct referenced from that page, as it has the combinations of dwMajorVersion and dwMinorVersion that each OS returns. Also note that you probably won't need the OSVERSIONINFOEX.

    In case you're using VB (and I'm sorry if you are... ), note that the API Text Viewer's GetVersionEx declaration isn't right. Search MSKB if you need to, there's an article there telling you what the declaration should be.

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    Does the auto update feature work within 1.71?

    Do I have to check some boxes? At the moment I only have Increase buffer size, Use Extra Ram and Autostop on close checked.
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    bwkaz: Thanks, I know of this function (never used it yet) but thought I had found a good way by just pulling out the registry value, it turns out that Windows is pretty flaky in this regard. Thanks for pointing it out, if I get time I might use this instead for the OS version. PS: I am using C++ (can't stand VB).

    Mobster: Yes the autoupdate feature works with dfGUI v1.71. If you want it to automatically update without you having to do anything, you need to create a file called autoupdate.cfg with the digit 1 on a single line (see readme1st.txt file of DF Client in section Non-interactive Auto-update). After you create this file you must restart the DF Client. Then it will auto-update when there is a protein changeover.

    Just make sure you don't have the "Disable Net Access" box checked or it will never go out to see if there a new update to download.


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    Originally posted by Digital Parasite
    PS: I am using C++ (can't stand VB).
    Good, good. That makes that call easier. And yeah, I can see that it's C++ now that I look at the source for dfGUI (should have checked that first).

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