Hey, just wanted to drop a note saying that I'll be attending the Linux 16th Anniversary Picn*x being held in Sunnyvale, CA on Saturday, August 11th.

If anyone from the DC crowd is gonna be there, drop me a line! It's a free gathering.

We're organizing a leapfrog conference at the same location with permission from the Picn*x organizers - if you'd like hang out with us, or register as one of our attendees, feel free:

Details: http://www.myhaiku.org/faltercon

BTW, if you RSVP for Picn*x, there will be free food and t-shirts - see the RSVP link on the above site.

Would be fun to meet and chat about DC and/or Haiku if anyone's interested!

More about Team Haiku here: http://www.teamhaiku.com