I just had a very weird, and extremely annoying experience. I have two Prime95 folders that I've had running for the last two weeks, as per a reservation I made here a while back. Well, I went to check my progress, and lo and behold, in BOTH folders, my results.txt and worktodo.ini are listed as having 0KB. I open up both Prime95s and they are chugging away, and File-->Status reports a good amount of work left. I leave them running and use the Search function in Windows to see if the worktodo or results files have gone somewhere else. Nothing found, absolutely nothing, not even the empty files I can see with my own eyes. I shut down both Prime95s with the Quit command, then go into the folders and start them up again. No work at all.

A word of advice: If you decide to do P-1, do NOT wait until everything is done to turn in your factors. I have no idea how many factors I had, if any, and I will probably never know, unless someone else attempts my range. I am going to unreserve my range and chalk it up to a bad experience. If anyone knows what the heck happened, please post. It probably won't help me, but I'd like to know anyway.