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Thread: PSP Sieve Import

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    PSP Sieve Import

    I am using the PSP Sieve import located at:

    to submit factors to the PSP project found by sieving and P-1 factoring, but I am not sure how I get my username to show up there. I have just been submitting it with random usernames. I tried signing up for the PrimeGrid sieve and turning in a work unit that way, but my name has not appeared on the list. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    I've posted on the PSP sieving forum, adding your name to a previous thread, see here:

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    As you'll see from the thread your name will be added to the list as and when he gets round to it

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    Excellent - I see that he is in England at the moment and will probably not be able to add my name to the list until sometime next week, but that's totally OK. I can just keep my factors in a text file or something until then. Anyway, thanks for helping me out with this!

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    User created.

    Sorry for the delay. - most comprehensive german website about distributed computing projects

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