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Thread: Recognition by Cosmology@Home for users (Lauren)

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    Recognition by Cosmology@Home for users (Lauren)

    Takes a bit of digging to get to the pdf location but it is linked from the main page..

    We thank the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics
    for its hospitality while part of this work done. We also
    thank the users of the Cosmology@Home project whose
    donated CPU hours helped make this work possible
    In particular we would like to thank Scott Kruger, the
    administrator of Cosmology@Home, as well as the users
    laurenu2, PoorBoy, [BS]ralfi65, Mitchell, and Mike The
    Great as representatives of all Cosmology@Home partic-
    ipants. Lastly we would like to thank Nikita Sorokin for
    his work in designing the Pico homepage.

    Congrats Lauren!


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    What Can I Say But or yippie

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    Very, very, cool.

    Unfortunately, that was the only paragraph in English, the rest being in High Scientific and highly unintelligible.

    I love this sentence: "Pico can be trained separately on the power spectra in this smaller region of parameter space allowing even more accurate results around the peak of the likelihood while still maintaining the ability to compute the power spectra over a large box in parameter space."

    No doubt!
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    Way to go Laurenu2
    Paratima, go wash your mouth out with soap!
    Didn't your Mom teach you better than that?

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