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Thread: virtual mem setting in Xp using NTFS..

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    virtual mem setting in Xp using NTFS..

    Hi, ...Well I read about the hunger of Windows swap(page file in my case)
    I experimeted in having the page file set to 384 Mb Ram on my 512Mb Ram Athlon 1009Mhz..
    I'm definitely getting a 7.7% increase in output...(loading prog. into ram) accoridng to GuI 7.0..
    I don't think you can really clock this chip either on a 7IEX4 mobo?
    Anybody any ideas?

  2. #2 this a 7% speedup versus a smaller swapfile and still using the "Use more ram" option?

    Also, is that Athlon a B (100Mhz FSB) or C (133Mhz FSB) ?

    The mobo you mention has a variety of FSB's available between 100 and 133 but only 140 and 150 are selectable >133.

    Here's a little tool that might help you:

    Let me know how it goes.

    Oh, another thing..close all L7 bridges on the CPU (with a pencil) and it'll default to 1.85 VCore (default is 1.75), that will give you more headroom.


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    Cheers for that Rags!
    ..No I reset from the let Windows manage a fixed max and min of 384Mb...
    Mind you the page file is bigger than this value..I've looked at Sys Sandra and other utilities..including one called fresh diagnose..

    FYI...The GA-7IXE4 has the AMD 750 chipset (751Nbridge, 756 Sbridge)...I think it gives a 200Mhz system bus from PCU to the 751 Sys. controller...It says bandwidth is 1.6GB/sec?...I use ord. 100Mhz non ecc SDRAm (1 mod 256+2 mods 128)....
    I'm going to reduce the page file further to half my physical ram, and see if I can get any more improvement! eek

    Not sure about your suggestion regarding the L7 thingeys on the CPU tho?
    I had enough probs screwing up my Cyrix 333 by changing a load of bios settings at the same time....or was it cmos???!!!
    and when it did'nt reboot I thought *9^5
    Mmmm thinks a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!
    P.s. I've enjoyed your threads regarding the oil cooled 'stomper' _
    that 3DHQ/Picard are err...building..
    Mmmm...I think I shall book myself a few lectures from DR FFreeze!!
    GBSY of KWSN/3DHQ :sleepy:

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    They should look like this (the L7 bridges)


    You simply connect the middle one and your cpu has a default voltage of 1.85V..simple

    Then you take that prog up there and up the FSB until you crash

    On the reboot, you select an FSB value thats 3-5 Mhz lower than the value at which you crashed and see if its stable
    If not, go down another couple Mhz until it is


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    Took it up to 1150 Mhz...locked screen elicited a 'memory dump'
    Not sure though whether that's because my page file size is now 128Mb
    Runs ok at 1050Mhz without increasing the cpu voltage...Might try that tomorrow when I've had some dutch courage..i.e.beers
    should SDRAM mem be 133Mz if FSB is increased over 100Mhz??
    using sissandra two of the ram sticks are CL2 100Mhz and CL3 at 133Mhz..the other stick is straight 100MhZ CL2 ??

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    You MAY be able to run the RAM at 133 Mhz, CL3....but dont hold your breath..

    Oh btw, if you up your FSB..lets say to 110, then you also up the mem to either 110 or to 133+10=143!

    there shouldnt be much difference between 100Mhz CL2 and 133 CL3...


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    Cheers Rags!!
    I'll let you know how I get on..
    p.s. I still think setting swap/page file to a fixed low value speeds the df client up...(I'm running with foldtrajlite loaded into RAM..)
    Dont much fancy reducing it to 64Mb tho'
    You can tell I'm not a Quake player

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    O.K... seems stable at 1100Mhz...Getting nearly 1 iteration DF per sec.. from 0.78 with 0.95!
    set swap file min to 2Mb and max to 522Mb...still get warnings about debugging...mmm..
    Still think the swap file is the easiest thing to manipulate...tho

    Now where's my toast gone!
    Anybody want to by a slightly used Cyrix 333 chip?

    Voltage settings tomorrow..
    If you never hear from me again..
    You know what's happened!

    (actually I'm thinking I'm on the wrong forum... for this...
    I shall have to go to OC..maybe...sorry about this thread that grown into an obsession!

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    As long as the obsession helps to churn out more structs/day?

    Who can argue!!?

    Odd thing is tho that i get 86000/day on an Athlon990 with 256 MB SDRam at 143Mhz, CL3. (110Mhz FSB)

    So your score looks a little low..might be the lower clocked mem or the chipset itself...


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    My mem chipset ratings are:

    All Banks the same:
    8-1-1-1 R 6-1-1-1W 3-3-2CL (1@256, 2@128)
    System chipset FSB 2X107Mhz
    Max FSB speed/max mem 2X100Mhz/1X100Mhz
    FSB speed range 90-150Mhz..thats the AMD 750...
    Havent touched the voltages yet...but now gone to 1070Mhz..
    1060 seemed stable for18 Hrs..
    if I fry me chips and cpu...I'll get more down time on DF..

    It'sa bit loike tring to find the North West Passage with Cabot...or was it Hudon..
    Cheers mate..
    I half expected coming back from work to view the BSOD..

    ATB Rags

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    Page file size should be twice physical memory if you have 256MB or more of RAM. It helps your 3DMArk score .

    It must be true as I read it on the Internet


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    cheers rip it up!

    O.k. I'll go with it..
    Mmm..I like the web sit for'tweaks'
    setting the FSB to the max it'll go! eeek...O.K. I had to pull the plug a few times..
    GBSY of KWSN

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