I'm getting a new computer in a day or 2, so I want to know which one would be better, the 2.533 ghz p4 or the XP 2200+ ? both would come with at least a gig of RAM and a good solid motherboard.

This computer will be my main cruching and gaming system, so I'm wondering which one would be best for those 2? I'm only going to use it for other things once in a while. It'll be mainly for crunching and gaming like I said before.

I'm in a bit of a problem here.. I know the P4 has the speed and power to run whatever game I want, but I also want to have good performance in other things and that's where the AMD chip comes into play so PLS help me out here... which one would be the best?

btw I do have the money to afford the P4 so money is not an issue here. I simply just want the best one that suits me.

forgot to mention this.. the P4 will come with 1 gig of ram (rdram, maybe the one that's clocked at 1066mhz) and the amd chip would have DDR (don't know what speed)