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Thread: PS3 Video out to LCD

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    PS3 Video out to LCD

    Hi, I saw a Video question posted by "the-mk" a while ago. I thought I would post my solution.

    1. do you have to use HDMI as video-output-connection for setting up and running linux? I'm asking, because I use the standard AV-cable, and neither my TV (27" LCD) nor my 19" LCD support HDMI. After booting into linux I don't have a picture on my TV
    I am not very 'Linux' savvy (yeti). So for the short term I am using the graphical interface for Yellowdog.

    I purchased:

    1 - X2VGA2 (V 2.0) from Neoya. Cost with shipping ~$80
    2 - Gigaware component gaming cable. From Radio Shack ~$40 ($20 each)

    The X2VGA2 has 2 'Component' inputs, that will output to 1 VGA output. The X2VGA2 allows manual switching between the inputs. So, 1 box views 2 PS3's.....

    I am using a 19" Dell 1900FP connected to the X2VGA2, with usb mouse and Sun keyboard's on my PS3's.

    I hope this helps...
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    Thanks for the tip!

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