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Thread: Busted Intel DQ35JO

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    Busted Intel DQ35JO

    So, I got this motherboard from a friend with some bent LGA775 pins (which I straightened as best I could - but at least one pin was busted off).

    It worked for 24 hours with my Core 2 Duo E6750 and then simply "died". I'm guessing something got fried as a result of the inability to completely repair the socket pins. Processor works fine still in my other boards.

    I shelved it for a few months, and just plunked a processor back onto it today with the same results. The green LED on the board lights up when I apply power from a PSU, but the ATX power switch yields no result. Have tried everything I can think of so far to nudge this thing back to working condition.

    Intel clearly has no intentions of repairing it (even for a service fee) - so I'm guessing either I give it away, or throw it away unless someone knows how to get it repaired properly at a reasonable cost.

    Any ideas?

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    It would cast you more time and Money to Repair it the to buy NEW

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