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    Lightbulb Multiple Monitors

    I've just installed a second video card (and monitor) on my Win2000 machine.
    FAH (Client, not screen saver) doesn't seem to like it when I try to bring it out of the system tray. it seems to be running fine (the task list shows it running) but only crashes when i try to view the working screen. (Dr Watson error)

    I've already tried re-installing the program.

    is it just my setup? has anyone else gotten this working with 2 monitors?

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    You've got the wrong discussion group. We are not folding@Home.
    Howard Feldman

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    You were suppose to tell him to download the latest client and then point him to the DF download area. =)

    I wonder what kind of interest on a loan I could get him to sign on paper without them actually reading the contract?


    P.S. I know that sounds kind of mean-spirited, but there is a fairly good-sized logo right there on top of the forum page that says "distributed folding" and doesn't look anything remotely like F@H's logo (which incidentally happens to have "Folding@home" on it).
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    Anybody called Eric has my deepest sympathy
    Unless they are 'bona fide' Scandinavians..

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