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Thread: Getting work to do

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    Quote Originally Posted by em99010pepe View Post
    Target locked....going down....

    BULLS***!!! I've side-slipped 165,000+ lbs before in a cross-wind.... I am NOT GOING DOWN..... may just have to make another pass is all.... but I WILL do a 3-point touchdown!!!


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    Arrow Are the Dutch Power Cows

    starting a stampede here in EON
    They have increased there output day by day over the past
    4 days and are now topping our output.
    We are not on there Radar Yet, But Team HD20 in Only has
    16,354 Days before Dutch Power Cows take them Down

    I could increase my output to 2X what it is now but it seems
    All I do is Bog down there server and total output drops

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    It's not a project we can do anything about, so I no longer pay any attention to EON.
    There is not enough work to go around, and their servers can not handle the load.
    If you like the project, then enjoy yourself, else, find work elsewhere in another project.

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