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Thread: Can NPLB be added to the stats pages please?

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    Can NPLB be added to the stats pages please?


    Could you please add the project No Prime Left Behind to the Free-DC stats system? For a little while now we have had some very nice (and automated!) stats availiable for our project's primary LLRnet server (we don't have automated whole-project stats available yet, but since most of the work is being done on the primary server anyway, that's not too big of a deal). I imagine they could be parsed by the Free-DC stats engine pretty easily.

    Here's the main page for our primary LLRnet server's stats:

    From there you can get to individual pages for individual stats, team stats, ranks for # of primes found, and aggregate stats by date. Our basic stats unit is a k/n pair, so that's what you'll want to count for the project's primary stats listings. (It's listed under the pairs_returned column on all of the applicable stats pages.)

    On the stats by user page, there isn't a separate column listing team names, though team names are denoted in the username (example: "Free-DC_username"). I imagine Adam (the admin for this server) could add a team column on the user stats page, though, if it made things easier.

    Would it be easy to add this to the Free-DC stats system? If necessary, I'm sure we could get our stats site to output the stats in some sort of delimited-text format pretty easily.



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    If you can put them into some form of csv/xml/txt I can add them, I just have very little time at the moment, though I'm home next week. It takes a lot longer to write a parser for html, so I'd rather avoid that if possible.

    At a minimum, a file with

    userid,name,team,score1,score2 etc etc where score1 and score2 are the metrics to track.

    Preferably two files.


    With that I could add it in about 20mins or so.


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    Okay, sounds great! I'll talk to Adam about getting a csv stats export set up.
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    Okay, just got this from Adam:
    Quote Originally Posted by AES
    It would be easy enough to add that code to the bi-daily processing runs. Maybe I can get to it late next week. I have a massive backlog of fixes and updates to implement in a client's online sweepstakes application right now.

    So we should have stats exports going in a week or so!

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    Well, within the last week or two we've had at least one major change to our stats setup: now all results from all servers are coagulated into the stats at The stats from our port 300 server are, as always, live, while the stats from the other servers are imported into the system about every week (more often during rallies; I'll try to do them as frequently as possible, with the one-week estimate being an upper estimate).

    We still don't have a CSV stats export yet, though; I'll have to bug Adam about that some more.

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